Yet another reason to boycott the MAN

Yes, yes, we've all heard about it, all rolled our eyes at the obvious blunder it is, all reaffirmed our commitment to boycott Larry Miller...but one more comment can't hurt can it?

This comment, though, is less about Miller (who I have no respect for and even less dollars for anyway) and more about EnergySolutions. This was not just a stupid move on Miller's part. It was an obvious PR gaffe on the part of EnergySolutions.

I mean, look at the direction they were heading in. Positive commercials portraying them as harmless, even as environmental stewards of the non-nuclear type. Never using the "N" word in any commercials. Giving EnergySolutions Foundation dollars to environmental organizations. Repairing their reputation in the tried and true way: quietly.

By splashing their name all over downtown Salt Lake City, they have brought up the bad blood and set themselves back further than they were before they started the positive spin stuff. What was the big idea anyway? And has the person that came up with it been fired yet?

I mean, while I think stadium sponsorship is tacky, I can see the usefulness of companies such as Delta Airlines doing it. They have these big advertisements splashed all over every network and targeting every fan.

But what Jazz fan is heading into the Melta Center thinking "God, I have all this nuclear waste lying in precarious piles around my kids' swingset and no idea where to put it. I mean, it's building up in my back yard and my dog is growing a third eye. I just need to get rid of it, but how?" Suddenly, said fan looks up and like light from heaven the EnergySolutions banner is flapping in the wind. Problem solved and EnergySolutions gets another customer, right? You can see why this advertising/marketing move makes absolutely no sense on their part.


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