Back from Canada

I just got back from Canada, where I married my partner, so I haven't been able to blog on the recent election. I heard from Canada that the Democrats are back in control, which actually made me want to come back to the U.S. rather than find a job and settle somewhere in British Columbia. My faith and pride in America is somewhat restored!
Of course, Utah was no surprise, as everyone stayed right where they were. But one issue has been overlooked, and that is the passing of Prop 2 in Salt Lake County. One blogger gives some good reasons why this should be something that is statewide, and paints a picture of life without open space.
Kudos to voters in Salt Lake County for voting for foresight.


Jenni said...


Hope you had a nice time in Canada

Anonymous said...

Much congrats to you!! I grew up there, went to high school in Victoria...

Pretty great place!!


Juniper said...

So, TOG, how can I become a Canadian citizen?