I called it

Predictable Republicans, struggling for breath in an overwhelming anti-Republican tide, bring in the old trusty back-burner issue...Gay Marriage. "Those damn activist judges in New Jersey want to legalize marriage for those nasty dirty HOMOSEXUALS" they scream at the top of their lungs to Americans who suddenly forget the important issues like the war in Iraq and raising the minimum wage out of the fear of something they don't know.

"They just might keep me my job on Capitol Hill, where I will fight to eradicate gay marriage, then gay people, and finally anyone who doesn't believe in God! Because that's what America's about!!!!"

And the ignorant masses agree, condemn the entire third branch of government, and vote for the schmucks yet again. Does anyone else feel like we are regressing, yet again?


New Jersey Backlash?

I think it's quite possible that New Jersey's decision on same-sex marriage may keep the control of Congress in Republican's hands...people that weren't going to vote might do so now out of knee-jerk anti-gay sentiment. It will be interesting to see.
I wonder if they'll stop harrassing "activist judges" if they end up staying in Congress? Or maybe they'll send thank you gifts?


Thanks to That One Guy for tipping me off to this:

October 24, 2006
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Ashdown Pledges to Stop Nevada Water Grab

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--After visiting Callao, Utah last night, Democratic US Senate candidate Pete Ashdown pledged to stand up against the attempts by the Southern Nevada Water Authority to pump water from the Snake Valley aquifer. Ashdown agreed with residents the SNWA's plan amounts to a "water grab" and that "Las Vegas needs to learn to conserve."

The visit to Callao bookended Ashdown's travels throughout Utah during his 21 month campaign for the US Senate. Ashdown has visited places in Utah not visited by a major party candidate for statewide office in decades, such as: Manila, Bicknell, Tridell, Beaver, East Carbon, Green River, among others. Ashdown noted that in many of these places longtime residents cannot recall his opponent ever visiting the area.

The Callao town hall meeting was organized by Callao residents Cecil and Annette Garland, a rancher and school teacher, respectively. The Garlands, who led the fight against the MX missile project in the 1980s, have asked for help to stop what they call "an impending hydrological disaster" if the pumping starts. "We don't have any water to spare, and to take the water we have would kill this valley."

While the residents also asked questions about the Iraq war, energy independence, ethics in government, immigration, and other issues, the "make or break issue" was the water grab. Ashdown affirmed: "I think the [US Geological Survey] study needs go forward, but it will probably confirm the obvious." Ashdown also stated that this is an example of his conservative philosophy of government: "We need to conserve the Callao way of life; keeping the aquifer full conserves water and conserves the way of life." In the question it was noted that Hatch has not come out against the SNWA plan, "Even with Orrin Hatch's seniority, he's not really working for the people of Utah. He's working for media interests in California, for oil interests out of state, for pharmaceuticals of which there are none in Utah. We need somebody there that is from Utah, working with Utah, dealing with Utah, and I know I can do that."

Ashdown noted how he will bring up this and other rural issue in the future debates with Senator Hatch, including tonight's on Salt Lake City's Downtown, broadcast live on KUTV.

Way to go Cecil and Annette!

Pete is an incredible candidate who knows Utah, and has actually visited the backwoods parts of it that most residents haven't, let alone Hatch. Visiting these people and listening to their concerns and needs shows some true dedication to the state...something we haven't seen in our Senator's for a long time!


Now who can deny that?


Playing the Gay Card

Orrin Hatch says that the Republican leadership didn't take action against Republican Mark Foley because they were afraid of being labeled anti-gay.

But Senator...you already have been labeled anti-gay. You and the majority of your party have been blatently anti-gay around election season for several years now. It gets you votes! So that can't be the reason Hastert and others kept Foley's reprehensible behavior under wraps. What's the real reason?

Further, being gay has nothing to do with this.

Foley crossed a line. He was writing sexually explicit e-mails to children.

Whether they were boys (gay) or girls (straight) doesn't matter. The fact is, they were children.

Supposed fear of being labeled anti-gay (a label you and Hastert would be proud to have in any other situation) is not a valid excuse for looking the other way.


Downtown Alive!

Despite my initial distaste at having the church taking over downtown, I am excited for this renovation!
I blogged about downtowns around the west clear back in April in response to the Chamber of Commerce deciding to come up with a vision for downtown that would include the church's redevelopment as well as incorporating the Gateway and other blocks in between. I didn't get any responses on what other people think would make our downtown much more memorable, aside from the stereotypical Temple Square.
This is a start.
In addition to the boring big-box downtown malls being renovated, we're looking at hundreds of new housing units, increased office space, and a new downtown grocer...Harmon's.
My only fear is that downtown will become as inaccessible as the Main Street Plaza. That, and I hope that City Creek Center doesn't fill up with more of what's in ZCMI Center..."art" galleries full of blond-haired, blue-eyed renditions of Jesus and other Mormon art. I suppose a few of those would be okay, but I'm really hoping for a Victoria's Secret. What do you think the chances are?