Fighting for the Square

It's personal. I wasn't there, I don't know anyone who was, but that doesn't mean I am not personally affected by the killing spree at Trolley Square. I drive by every morning on my way to work. I visit the Old Spaghetti factory with my wife almost monthly. I frequent Tabula Rasa if only just to look around because I love the feeling of that store.

And this morning, I'm going back. Tabula Rasa is open, and I plan on picking up a few Thank You cards. Tomorrow, my wife and I were planning on going to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a little Valentine's dinner...and our plans remain unchanged.

Because we can't let fear get the best of us. Sure, it's frightening to go on living life. Sometimes it even feels a little disrespectful. But President Bush, shortly after 9/11, was right on one thing: we can't let fear stop us from doing the things we've always done...or else the terrorist/murderer has won.

That's why I have to go back. There's no other way for me to make it right in my own heart and mind. It is my own personal healing process. I have to fight for Trolley Square, so it can feel normal again...so the legacy of the place can outlive the legacy of the killer.


That One Guy said...

Juniper - we stopped by my place the other day and left a comment. Thanks for that... also, I AM still here and I DO read you - every post - I haven't been as great at providing feedback, but I do still read everything. Nice changes to the site. It appears you are now "virtually out"


take care - keep writing. We'll be going back to Trolley soon as well to have a bowl of French Onion at the Pub. And we'll think of those whose lives were lost to a tragically sick mind.

That One Guy said...

and by "we" stopped by, I meant "you" stopped by... helps to proofread.