The Gay Agenda Hoax

Troy Williams has penned a fantastic article in the Salt Lake Tribune about the "Gay Agenda", the radical likes of Gayle Ruzick and Chris Buttars, and a few humble kernels of truth that many people should understand.

That's right Gayle, the "Gay Agenda" includes such immoral pursuits as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those of us that you would term "gay activists", such as myself and Mr. Williams, really just want to spend the rest of our lives with someone we love and have what every human being rightfully deserves. So we fight.

But we are not some huge force bent on overtaking the planet, "recruiting" heterosexuals to the "homosexual lifestyle". If anything, I take a look at my GLBT community and wonder why some of them just don't seem to care. Sometimes they seem nascent, too caught up in life to fight for their own rights. Then, I realized...it's because they're too busy living their lives, building partnerships, buying homes, raising children, coming out (often painfully) to friends, family, and strangers every single day to devote any time to seducing the youth of the nation.

I would venture to say we're much more normal than Gayle.


Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen said...

Excellent post!

Love the new blog look

G-Spot said...

Great blog! I think you hit the core of something that's divisive even for people within the community. Sometimes activists become so hellbent on making a point, that they forget that living a real, normal, and even pretty much boring life makes a pretty big statement, especially in status quo micro-societies such as Utah's.

Gayle Ruzicka and her ilk sometimes only have currency to spend or a role in the dialogue because gay activists at the other end of the spectrum hand it to them. Wacky faggots, who two months earlier demanded an open forum for all viewpoints in this society--including the showing of Brokeback Mountain--now making a fuss about Larry H. Miller speaking at the U of U? For a counterbalance, all reporters worth their salt must call Gayle! (It's sort of the role Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson play in the national media. Not many people take them seriously, but who else you gonna call for a smokingly controversial quote?)

Keep up the good work! It's good to see another THS grad kicking ass and taking names. Congrats on getting married, too!

Juniper said...

g-spot...reveal yourself! I know there are so few THS grads in the world, but I'm not sure I know which one you are!

That One Guy said...

my kids are THS grads as well, but they are too young to know who you might be... they started "gradding" in 2004. Will continue to do so until 2014.


Juniper said...

THS would be TINTIC High School, not Taylorsville or Tooele...so if your kids are Tintic grads, I probably know them...even if they're a mite younger than me!