Mitt proves me right

I recently posted concerning Mitt Romney and his inability to separate his politics from his religious beliefs.

He proved that he may very well be in the pocket of church authorities when he recently wrote to Senators encouraging them to vote yes on the Federal Marriage Amendment right in time with letters from Church authorities.

But the church won't run the country if Mitt is elected? Maybe not officially, but its policies are intircately woven into his policies...so read up here and decide for yourself if you're willing to have Mormon dogma on Pennsylvania Avenue.


That One Guy said...

yes, this has been my concern for some time as well... the church already runs the state, and anyone who says otherwise has their head stuffed up their own caboose.

that, and the hair, the greasy hair.

Bad hair. Even for a politician. Bad. Hair.

Cameron said...

What about Presbyterian dogma? Or Catholic dogma? Or Jehova's Witness dogma? Or Muslim dogma? Or Methodist dogma? Or atheist dogma? Or agnostic dogma?

Who's dogma would be best in the Oval Office?

Juniper said...

Good point, Magic Valley. That's why I encourage people, those who know very little about what being a Mormon entails, to look into it and make a decision for themselves. I direct them to the LDS Church's official site...hardly a non-partisan site in this debate.

Cameron said...

I thought it was very cool of you to link to lds.org.

The point I tried to make was that everyone is a product of their belief system, regardless of religion or creed. Yes, a religion does (and should) affect what a person believes, but so do lots of other things.

There are members of the LDS Church on all sides of the political spectrum. I noted that on your first post about Gov. Romney. To blindly assume how a person will vote based on that person's religion is foolhardy. In fact, it seems like that is an attitude many LDS folks have. We should all judge our politicians by their own words and deeds.