Supporting Local Farmers!

My partner and I, back in May, decided on a whim to purchase a community-supported agriculture share from Borski Farms. We weren't sure if roughly $175 was going to be money well-spent, but our green ambitions outweighed our penny-pinching ways, so we signed up (well, actually I made the plunge, yet she still gets the benefits!).

I think it may well be worth it! This week, we got three items: fresh garlic, English peas (I'm looking forward to some steamed with butter, and I might whip up a chicken salad!), and cherries.

Spotlight on the Cherries: OMG, these cherries are so absolutely delicious I can't stop eating them...and we all know what happens when there are cherries involved. But can I just say that everything, including the $175, is worth these cherries. They are perfectly red, a wonderful combination of perfectly balanced sweet and sour, and best of all, they are organic and were produced less than 30 miles from our home!
And so...it is my suggestion to you that when the next season comes around, you seriously consider a CSA share as well. There are about four listed on the Utah's Own website, plus links to other locally owned and operated businesses you should frequent. Trust me, folks, the cherries alone are worth it!

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