Playing the Gay Card

Orrin Hatch says that the Republican leadership didn't take action against Republican Mark Foley because they were afraid of being labeled anti-gay.

But Senator...you already have been labeled anti-gay. You and the majority of your party have been blatently anti-gay around election season for several years now. It gets you votes! So that can't be the reason Hastert and others kept Foley's reprehensible behavior under wraps. What's the real reason?

Further, being gay has nothing to do with this.

Foley crossed a line. He was writing sexually explicit e-mails to children.

Whether they were boys (gay) or girls (straight) doesn't matter. The fact is, they were children.

Supposed fear of being labeled anti-gay (a label you and Hastert would be proud to have in any other situation) is not a valid excuse for looking the other way.

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Anonymous said...

Let's just put something straight (no pun intended) and onto the record here: People who "claim" that homosexuals are somehow prone to pedophilia, are ignoring the fact that most child-predators are white, straight males. Homosexuality does not a child predator make. Doesn't even make one more promiscuous than the mainstream population for that matter. The claim that "these people" have sex on the mind at all times is ludicrous.

And the idea that Foley somehow perpetrated this malfeasance as a result of his being gay is preposterous.

The reason that there is such a furor on this right now, is because the R party is seen as being anti-gay, has been for a long time, as you noted. Their concern comes in the idea that there are some of "those" types among their own party membership. Them Thar Gheys have managed to infiltrate the party of Moral Values!!

I've read in more than one place this week that there are "rumors" of Hastert being as gay as a daisy, from within the ranks of the DC homosexual scene.

Apparently, the world is about to meet its end. Not to mention the failed foreign policy.

From a Gay/Straight politician perspective: Who Cares

From a child predator perspective: Lock Foley up for a long time, along with others of his ilk. (ie: other child predators.)

I'm jsut sayin.