Downtown Alive!

Despite my initial distaste at having the church taking over downtown, I am excited for this renovation!
I blogged about downtowns around the west clear back in April in response to the Chamber of Commerce deciding to come up with a vision for downtown that would include the church's redevelopment as well as incorporating the Gateway and other blocks in between. I didn't get any responses on what other people think would make our downtown much more memorable, aside from the stereotypical Temple Square.
This is a start.
In addition to the boring big-box downtown malls being renovated, we're looking at hundreds of new housing units, increased office space, and a new downtown grocer...Harmon's.
My only fear is that downtown will become as inaccessible as the Main Street Plaza. That, and I hope that City Creek Center doesn't fill up with more of what's in ZCMI Center..."art" galleries full of blond-haired, blue-eyed renditions of Jesus and other Mormon art. I suppose a few of those would be okay, but I'm really hoping for a Victoria's Secret. What do you think the chances are?

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Anonymous said...

Chances? How 'bout slim to fucking none!!

I'm pessimistic on this whole thing - I think it's a bad idea - Temple Square South.