I called it

Predictable Republicans, struggling for breath in an overwhelming anti-Republican tide, bring in the old trusty back-burner issue...Gay Marriage. "Those damn activist judges in New Jersey want to legalize marriage for those nasty dirty HOMOSEXUALS" they scream at the top of their lungs to Americans who suddenly forget the important issues like the war in Iraq and raising the minimum wage out of the fear of something they don't know.

"They just might keep me my job on Capitol Hill, where I will fight to eradicate gay marriage, then gay people, and finally anyone who doesn't believe in God! Because that's what America's about!!!!"

And the ignorant masses agree, condemn the entire third branch of government, and vote for the schmucks yet again. Does anyone else feel like we are regressing, yet again?

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Jenni said...

So, Juniper, your thoughts on the recent elections?

Just trying to goad you into posting again. Sorry I'm such a pain . . .