If we wanted bland, we'd move to the Sandy

Okay, maybe Sugarhouse could be considered a suburb, depending on who you are. But, as Salt Lake County has expanded out to the edges of the valley, some neighborhoods were forgotten by most.

But now that these places, like Sugarhouse, have character and attract people that may have some money to spend, big box stores and developers are looking back at those once-forgotten areas with big appetites.

Have they stopped to think that if they tear down the eclectic collection of shops and replaced it with God knows what, that the crowd that keeps those sidewalks full might go elsewhere?

I know I would. I would follow Rocky Mountain Grill, the Free Speech Zone, Sugarhouse Coffee (though it would have to change it's name) and 10,000 Villages wherever they went and forget about Sugarhouse.

What's the next neighborhood these locals will bring out of the dust only to get ushered along by big developers with deep pockets and shallow ideas?

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