Things on My Mind

I'm feeling really sorry for this guy. I wonder if people in the UK are really this peeved about what kind of car you drive. Maybe this car would be better, or would that send off an even more distinctive "prick" vibe despite its green qualities?

I'm feeling even more sorry for this guy. But then, that's a pretty normal, everyday thing.

I'm feeling oddly like this woman. Only a few weeks ago I got a call from the SL County sheriff saying some guy had my license in his house...luckily, it had my address from six moves ago. (Maybe not six, but certainly it wasn't current).

I'm feeling like actually supporting a Republican for Mayor of Salt Lake City. What's wrong with me? Well, he says he'll keep up with many of Rocky's most liberal policies, and let's face it: Rocky would never endorse a Republican if he wasn't up to snuff. Plus, he's from Delta...small town boy in the big city is bound to bring some good perspective.

I'm looking forward to October when this group will be in town. And we thought all gay men were just accessories (I mean that in the most loving way possible, boys)!

I'm wondering why I moved to South Salt Lake again? (Just kidding, Dad...I've never been to one of these places...I promise! Would I go without you? Come on!).

I'm feeling even better about boycotting Starbucks. Sorry Sarahbellum, but my coffee spot is WAY better than yours! They even have "Mom's Special Recipe" banana bread that really gets me going...and I am not a fan of bananas. Unfortunately, they don't have a website yet, but check out RAW BEAN, on 600 South and West Temple. Apparently, if you visit more than once the owner will recognize you and smile. I wonder if, by the third time, he'll know me by name? Oh, and they gave me the banana bread free just for knowing it was Mom's Special recipe...keep that in mind.

I'm feeling like I live in Portland...it's dumping rain outside my window! In August in Utah! What the hell is going on? I think I better save this before the power goes out and make sure my car isn't getting washed away in the flash flood!


edtech said...

South Salt Lake isn't that bad. At least it's legal to dance there. I hear there are some places in the state where you don't even get the chance to dance. Besides upwardly mobil means having to start somewhere and do they allow dancing at the apex.

sarahbellum said...

apparently, i'm not only slow when it comes to hearing about new coffee shops, but reading this post. sorry.

i'll have to check your coffee spot out!