I've noticed among the many posts about Rocky since his announcement that he wouldn't run, that folks either love the guy, or hate his guts.
Between supporting a Republican, spending more time on the road than in his city, implementing pro-gay and pro-environment policies, Rocky has got people on both sides of the aisle that have no love left for him. Democrats call him a traitor, Ethan at slcspin can't stop talking about Rocky leaving town for this or that, and "moral values" people like Gayle Ruzicka have already RSVP'ed his spot in hell for his liberal pro-gay policies.
Then, you've got folks that can't say enough good things about him. Some are even saying he deserves a halo for everything he's done.
Can I remain ambiguous? Rocky is a little extreme for me on some things, but on others.... he rocks my world!


Jenni said...

Hey Juniper,

Are you going to be able to make it to the big event on Aug. 30th?

It would be kind of fun if most of the Utah bloggers posted about their experience of it the next day.


Juniper said...

So sorry I let you down..check out my post today for my (lame) excuses.