Vote of No Confidence

Chris Buttars is quite a card. It makes you wish that the Senate could pass a law wherein they subvert voters by casting votes of no confidence on each other and kicking each other out of the Senate. Would Buttars survive a vote like that? I wonder.


That One Guy said...

Buttars is a NAZI. I've written him letter upon letter expressing my disgust and embarrassment that he's an elected official in Utah.

He has no connection with his electorate, no commitment to work on legislation that works for his constituents, and instead spends his time, and the good-faith votes of those who cast them for him, on grand-standing for his own personal gratification.

I just can't understand why he's there. He makes Utah County seem APPEALING. And that's something right there.

Juniper said...

Hell...let's all move to Utah County! (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit).

That One Guy said...

umm, yeah, me too. *gag* ACCKK!

That One Guy said...

what's your Masters in, by the way??

(you can delete this if you like... send me an email.)

Juniper said...

Sorry so long in replying...I'm getting a Masters of Professional Communication...emphasizing in Marketing. Which literally translates to writing more pages than the Bible over the course of the program.
Sounds like fun, huh?