As a homeowner in America

Hello all, and happy house-signing day to you!

Well, at least to me and my partner. Today we signed the papers to close on our very first home, and suddenly, we have become landowners!

In early America this would have almost given us the right to vote. At least, if one of us had been a man. And I think there was a certain amount of land you had to own. Maybe .11 acres wouldn't have qualified us.

But I'm really excited to start planning the yard....finding water-wise native plants and building raised vegetable gardens so we can grow our own food. Well, at least a little of it. I'm excited about the inside of the house too, but for some reason, the yard is what really gets my motor running.

But I'm nervous too. I'm nervous that our neighborhood won't accept us, as a lesbian couple. And in my life I have wanted what most Americans want: a house, a family, a strong marriage, neighborhood block parties and friendships with neighbors that will help shovel snow, watch children, and rally together on issues that affect our neighborhood.

Why, just because of who I love, shouldn't I have these things too?

I am not stereotypical. And there are a lot of gays and lesbians that are like me. We don't sleep around. We don't do drugs or spend every night partying. We don't want to live the rest of our lives in a condo downtown with a view of the Gateway. Sure, there are some who do, but there are others, like me, that have saved themselves for the right one, found the right one, and have the dreams that any couple would have. But because she's a she, my dreams should be different. Or so some people think.

Well, today is the first step in proving that we can be stable life-partners, and be happy, just as we are.

Happy House-Signing Day!

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edtech said...

Well I'm excited that you have a home, a yard, and a neighborhood. It's a great step and I'm sure will be something that will help you in the long run. It's nice not to have to pay the man now for where you live but to be building something for yourself. I'm proud of you for all that. I look forward to the garden.