Larry and the University

My heart does not hold a fond place in it for Larry H. Miller.

And a big part of me applauds folks at the University of Utah that are strongly opposed to him coming to speak at the university because of his recent attitudes toward Brokeback Mountain, a great film that I could see again and again. They say he does not represent what higher education should be about - diversity and public debate.

But I think bringing him to the university is exactly what higher education is about. Bring in these controversial figures: the Michael Moores and Larry Millers. And suddenly, everyone is talking, thinking, protesting, or attending. The minds of young students form opinions. I know that's what I did in college. And events like these that cause strong reactions in the population facilitate that growth.

So, no, Larry, I do not love you. And I will probably not go see you. And I do not visit your theaters, sports venues, or dealerships. And I wouldn't be unhappy if the U yanked your speaking engagement like you yanked Brokeback. But I do acknowledge that your presence is a driving force in higher education...both because of the money you spend, but also because of the ire you raise in the hearts and minds of those of us who do not agree with your questionable principles.

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Find a list of Larry H Miller businesses (which I boycott) at http://www.slmetro.com/2006/01/miller.shtml

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