'Everyone welcome here'

Kanab is a small town with 'big' morals. Their recent Proclamation to the World on the proper family structure is even more telling about the kind of people that live there than Draper's recent refusal to church-owned D.I. In a word: snobs. Or possibly: bigots.
But amid all this, there are people that are accepting, if only because they're afraid Arthur Frommer's call for a boycott might drain their businesses of much-needed dollars. These people have joined together and created a band-aid...er, I mean, sticker...to nurse the wounds their self-righteous city council and mayor have created. Above a linking of rainbow colored people and Kanab's signature red-rocks the sticker states: Everyone Welcome Here.
These modestly priced stickers, one can hope, will soon be dotting the businesses and cars of the good people of Kanab. While councilman Terril Honey has already said he won't be placing a sticker in the window of his grocery store, Honey's Jubilee, I expect the rest of the council and the Mayor won't have one either.
The Mayor may need to take some drastic measures against the boosters. Maybe the Stake President should be called in. Or maybe he should go straight to the Mormon Mafia. Either way, something must be done!

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