Kudos to Hunstman

I cried at my graduation, which was attended by Governor Mike Leavitt, when I told him what a difference concurrent enrollment had made in the little town I grew up in.
I graduated from high school with my two-year degree in hand, along with two of my classmates. We were the first class to do so, and there have been several more. Not only has the program, carried by EdNet, helped students in high school get degrees, it has provided much needed variety in the curriculum of schools like mine that don't have the manpower or resources to offer classes like Spanish, Psychology, or Astronomy.
And further, it has enriched the community I used to call home. Several community members have gotten two or four-year degrees aided by EdNet.
Yet, some people, like Margaret Dayton from Orem (UVSC is where my two-year degree came from), want to limit the benefit these programs have.
My community is not only small, but poor. Most people there didn't go to college not because they didn't want to, but because they didn't have the means to drive the 45 minutes to UVSC every day, or to move away from a place with such a low cost of living. Concurrent enrollment has given parents the chance to get their kids on the track to a college education for the price of books.
This is an invaluable asset to not only that community, but many small rural communities throughout Utah. Shame on Margaret Dayton for trying to take it away.
But thanks to Governor Huntsman for his level-headed thinking and consequent veto. He has filled Leavitt's shoes on the matter quite well.
I only hope that when Dayton reintroduces it next session, it will not make it through.


Instereo said...

Education is the key to critical thinking. Critical thinking is the key to solving many of the issues facing our state today. I think Margret Dayton doesn't like critical thinking because people would vote her out of office if they really thought about the hypocracy of her legislation.

Juniper said...

I hear you. That's probably why the entire legislature of Utah underfunds education as a whole. Heaven forbid the populace think for themselves!!!