Spring in the West

I love spring in the west.

Today I picked out my favorite jeans and t-shirt for a walk with my best friend and her dog through Memory Grove, a park in downtown Salt Lake City. I love that today it will be nearly 70 degrees, yet in the next few days we'll get another storm with a chance of snow. And probably, if we do get snow, it will be gone by the end of the day anyway. March will do that to you.

Of course, what I don't love about today is the high wind warning. That should be fun. But hopefully, in the canyons of Memory Grove, we'll be protected from the worst of it, and we can just enjoy the sun and warm temperatures and remind ourselves that soon every day will be like this, or warmer, and that winter doesn't last forever. And we can pretend it's summer again and the Farmer's Market is open with an abundance of all things fresh and fanciful.

I love that the light is back.

It's so much easier to wake up now that it isn't dark until almost 9 am. I get tired during the winter, because my body seems to think if it's dark and cold it should be warm in bed. That includes when the sun sets at 5:30. Could you imagine? Almost 14 hours of sleep if I slept the entire time the sun did? Yikes.

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