Ban Mormon Marriage!

Maybe we should start a blogswarm.

Stenar, on his Bloglet, makes some very good points. Read more. There are many forms of "non-traditional" marriage out there.

Let's apply the "slippery-slope" argument the other way. Suppose they ban gay marriage, then Mormon marriage, then outdoor weddings, then JOP weddings, and soon you can only get married by a white male Baptist preacher in a church in Louisiana. Hey folks, once you start restricting freedom and start taking away rights, what stops you from taking away more and more and justifying it in the name of God?

Soon you won't be able to get child tax credits unless you have the church-mandated seven kids, and any divorced family...wait, I take that back. Divorce isn't the real threat to marriage and family...gays are. Right. Sorry about that.

Maybe the Sutherland Institute will have it's way and no one will have a real family unless the wife stays home, barefoot and pregnant with the latest addition to the quiver, and the husband works hard to provide for the roost. I'm sure the extreme right wing is thinking this would be a good thing. But why should this group of people define the morals and values for the rest of the country.

Middle Americans need to stand up and say that an attack on anyone's rights is an attack on their own. After all, who's to say it won't be them next?


Stenar said...

Thanks for linking to my blog campaign to ban Mormon temple marriage! Forward to everyone you know!!! :)

Green Jenni said...

We should start a Ban Mormon Marriage campaign. I mean, how unnatural is marrying for ETERNITY?