Hello folks. I haven't been able to blog much lately because my second job, upcoming housewarming party, and novel-writing aspirations have sucked up all of my time. I apologize for the slowing of entries for those of you who may return looking for them (all one or two of you...or maybe none).
I did want to make an announcement! My partner and I, after three and a half years of our relationship and over a year and a half since we got engaged, have finally set a date for a commitment ceremony and send-off reception here in Utah and a real marriage in Canada! Here's to September 22 and 26th, 2007!
I already bought a dress...I suppose thinking and dreaming about the wedding has taken up even more of my time than any of the above mentioned things.
By the way, my partner is amazing...she has painted, fixed and cleaned our house until I love it more than I ever thought I would.
Oh, and apartments suck. Ours charged us $938 for cleaning and carpet. Warning: DO NOT LIVE IN BIG APARTMENT COMPLEXES.
Case in point-before moving to this particular complex, we lived in a six story building in downtown SLC. We broke our lease because we lived on the sixth floor, my partner's knee went out, and the elevator kept dying. And the landlord gave us every penny of our deposit back. Big apartment complexes just don't care...they're like Walmart or other big faceless companies...they just want your money. Trust me folks, the pool and fitness room are NOT worth it. You probably won't use them that much anyway.
Anyway, I plan on continuing my little hiatus at least through this weekend, after which I think I might come out to LaVarr Webb. He doesn't think that being an anonymous blogger is acceptable. Or at least that anonymous bloggers shouldn't be taken as seriously as those that post their names front and center. I think I'll spend the weekend pondering this move, and I'll let you know sometime next week.

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