Become an e2 Citizen

Even if you don't live in Salt Lake City, there are some great ideas for decreasing your carbon footprint here. Myself and my partner have signed up to change a few things in our lives, including:

- Use public transportation or carpool at least two times a week.
- Keep vehicles tuned up and the tires properly inflated to increase fuel economy up to 7%
- Turn off the car while waiting. Don't idle more than two minutes.

- Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs that are 70% more efficient and last longer.
- When at home, turn the thermostat down 3 degrees in winter and up 3 degrees in summer; when not home turn heat or air conditioner off whenever possible.
- Use a swamp cooler or ceiling fans in the summer rather than central air conditioning.
- Turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use.
- Wash clothes in cold water, saving 50% of the energy consumed by a washing machine.
- In the summer months, run your dishwasher while you are away; in winter months, run it while you are at home.
- Purchase at least one block of renewable wind energy.

- Use a curbside recycling bin.
- Make the effort to recycle glass.
- Purchase recycled products whenever possible.
- Stop junk mail by adding your name to a do-not-mail list. Learn More at New Dream.
- Take reusable items to a local charitable organization or thrift shop.

- Water less frequently and only during the coolest time of the day, usually between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m.
- Use a water-efficient drip irrigation system for trees, shrubs and flowers.
- Turn the faucet off while washing hands, brushing teeth, and shaving.
- Only run the clothes washer and dishwasher when full.

- Buy locally grown produce and dairy whenever possible.
- Support local farmers by joining community-supported agriculture where you can purchase shares and receive fresh veggies every week.
- Reduce consumption of meat by one serving per week.

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Jenni said...

This is good info -- thanks for sharing it!