Pete Ashdown for Senate

There have been plenty of other bloggers endorsing Ashdown rather than a Hatch re-run. See here, here , here and here.

Utah Amicus says: Everywhere I go I hear from both Republicans and Democrats that it is time for a change. Every time I attend an event where Pete speaks, I go away with a greater understanding that Pete is the man who should replace our current Senator, a man who has lost touch with the citizens of Utah.

Has Senator Hatch lost touch with Utahns? Emphatically, yes! Standing up against nuclear waste storage in Utah does not prove you truly care about what happens to us more than what happens to your major donors. For example, Senator Hatch believes:

- Warrantless wire-tapping is okay, as long as you are President Bush.
- Global warming is a farce created my Michael Crichton.
- Flag burning is a sin punishable by death...or something close to it.

On the other hand, check out Pete's blog. In it, he talks about important issues such as global warming with knowledge of the subject he gained from reading actual books and papers on it. He lists his opinions on several issues here. He talks about his reasons for his beliefs in a clear and concise manner that is becoming of a U.S. Senator. He also has a Wiki site, where he encourages voters to help influence his campaign!

His blog, his Wiki and his website in general show that Pete will be more frank and up front with his constituents and be far more responsive to and representative of the people that elected him. Hatch will continue to do what Hatch does...which is nothing that helps the people back home.

I urge you to vote for Pete Ashdown in November. It's time for a change in Washington.

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