I blog today in protest. Protest not only of the hypocrisy of our country, and the blatant disregard for the health and welfare of downwinders, but also a protest against another accost on my beloved West Desert. It seems that it will never end.

Mr. Bush: how dare you tell countries around the world that they cannot develop nuclear capabilities, whether they be for power or weapons, then turn around and start testing again? Yes, I know Divine Strake is not a nuclear test, but in essence it is everything a nuclear test would be. It is big enough to mimic one. It will throw radioactive dust into the air that has sat dormant since the last bomb was dropped.

Which brings me to the downwinders: people have suffered the consequences of this country's actions in very painful ways. Cancer, loss of friends and family, and an inhibited chance to live the American Dream. Perhaps you aren't at fault for this, but you are at fault for insulting them again, rather than helping them in their recovery efforts.

The West Desert is not a wasteland. For some reason the powers that be seem to think they can dump, pump and blast the desert until it becomes one. I will not stand by while this happens.

Mr. Bush, I protest.

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