Kanab is at it again

Though they have vehemently denied that the "Natural Family Resolution" is directed at any one group, Kanab politicians have recently taken up issue with a sticker local businesses have been posting on windows.
You see, this little sticker, which states boldly "Everyone Welcome Here," has a quintet of hand-holding rainbow people. Apparently our favorite councilman, Terril Honey, thinks that means they are gay, or, even worse, encouraging gay people to visit. According to the New York Times (THE NEW YORK TIMES PEOPLE....THIS IS GETTING A LITTLE OUT OF HAND!) he refuses to post it because he thinks it might offend some of his customers.

Mayor Lawson to the rescue! In order to bridge the sticker argument, he's decided to introduce a new sticker that is basically the same, but minus the rainbow people. The Chamber of Commerce is planning on putting out a new sticker in time for tourist season too.
So, everyone welcome here....except YOU PEOPLE!

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