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Vanity Fair publishes first ever Green Edition. The Sierra Club comments here.

My thoughts: Vanity Fair, according to the Sierra Club, "has probably done more to stoke the engines of consumption and materialism in this country than most advertising agencies." And so, they conclude, it's almost hard to stomach a green edition. I remember a year or so ago I got a gift subscription to Mother Earth News. In the first issue I received, greens were blasting the magazine for putting a celebrity on it's cover and guffawing at celebrities building "green" homes the size of my home town. I had one thought for them: get off your high horse.
After all, if environmentalism and living green is reserved only for those that do it for the right reasons, as these greens seem to think it is, then a difference will never be made. It is only when it become popular and mainstream, even chic, that the green movement will start to make a difference globally.
And so it is that each time a magazine comes out promoting a green lifestyle, regardless of the kind of magazine it is or what it has promoted in the past (and probably future), I celebrate. Getting the word out to people who may not even have thought about it and making them think it's the only way to live is a good thing. People should live green for all reasons...not just the right ones.

Read "50 Ways to Save the Planet" from the latest Vanity Fair.

The Environment and Christians: They Can Co-Exist!

The National Council of Churches of Christ has an extensive website on it's Eco-Justice Programs which I have discovered on this fine Earth Day. I have always believed the Christian faith requires that we treat our surroundings with respect, but it seems that opinion falls on deaf ears. It's good to see I'm not the only one who thinks that way.
They even created a special sermon resource for Earth Day Sunday! And you can browse subjects back through Earth Day '99.
More of their issues include:
Climate & Energy
Green Buildings
Land & Wilderness

It's heartening, isn't it?

More Great Earth Day Sites to Browse

The Nature Conservancy: With "Messages of Hope" from celebrities like Tom Cruise and Jane Goodall
New American Dream: Learn about your impact in the Turn the Tide section and more ways to live the American Dream with less STUFF throughout the website.
Earthdaynetwork: Call it the Earth Day Home Page if you will. Get resources for hosting your own event and measure your ecological footprint. Also talks about Religious celebrations of Earth Day. Hallelujah!

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