Miller opens mind?

Larry H. Miller met with students and faculty that opposed him speaking at the U yesterday. One thing that particularly grabbed my attention:
"In 2006, it's wrong that they have to live in that fear," he said about the stories he heard during the meeting.
But the only way that we can stop living in fear is if we are accepted and not marginalized.
I only hope that Miller truly feels remorse and has truly had a change of heart.
"Maybe their well-being trumps my beliefs, my rights to express myself."
Is this something he really believes?


Amy said...

I personally think that he is trying to win back some of they Gay disposable income. I think he is being politically correct, and trying to smooth things over, I'm still not going to his places of ownership.

Juniper said...

I'm not planning on buying a car from one of his dealerships or anything. I just think that each mind changed is a success and I'm hoping his has.