Oppose Nuclear Waste in Utah

I grew up on the edge of the Great Basin, overlooking the West Desert of Utah...a place not only of sagebrush and juniper trees, but home to seasonal bald eagles, deer, coyotes, antelope, rabbits and many other interesting and varied species. And beauty...beauty that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. The muted colors of the soil, rocks and sparse plants rising to clear blue skies dotted with white clouds. And at night, the dazzling brilliance of the Milky Way, and the sounds of life all around you. And the sunsets, more golden and overwhelming than anywhere else I've ever seen a sunset.

The BLM has said that if they have enough public opposition, they will be able to bar nuclear waste from being dumped in Utah's west desert, a mere 45 miles from the Wasatch Front.

I for one, do not want it in my back yard, my home.

According to Gov. Huntsman: "Utah is not a dumping ground for the country and I will not allow this to happen on my watch. We must join together and say 'No Way' to nuclear waste."

I'm hoping anyone reading this will do as I have done and send comments to the BLM. The BLM is accepting public comment until May 8.

Letters may be addressed to:

Pam Schuller
2370 S. 2300 W.
SLC, Utah 84119

Emails may be sent to Pam_Schuller@BLM.gov

Drop me a comment if you sent something in! Or, if you have the time, attend a special press conference on Friday at noon in the auditorium of the State Office Building just north of the Capitol. Show the powers that be how much you care about the place you call home.

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