Fearing Fear Itself

In a fantastic op-ed peice printed Saturday in the Salt Lake Tribune, Pat Shea made some interesting points about the use of fear, since 9/11 in particular, to promote political agendas.
He also related a story about his grandfather and a herd of sheep. When he shot his gun into the air the sheep started and ran away from the sound of the gun, around the pasture, and finally stopped in the same place they were when the shot was first fired.
I would venture to say that since the shot was fired on 9/11, the Bush administration has run us around in circles, but we are not in the same place we were. Neither have we gone forward. We have taken a step back.
One need only look at the national debt, the anti-Christian government of "liberated" Afghanistan, or the precipice on which Iraq hangs, waiting to stumble into civil war. Has anything we have done since September 11th moved our country forward? Are we better off now than we were on things such as the environment, Social Security, education or even faith-based initiatives? Has our country grown together, or been wedged further apart? Have we stopped terrorism, or created more?
And what is terrorism but actions taken to instill fear in the hearts of the people? So, are we fighting it? Or are we becoming what we should be fighting?

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