Long Weekend Reprisal

It's been another long weekend...and every weekend in the foreseeable future promises to be the same.
Friday night I worked my first night at a second job...a second job I got because, as I told a good friend today, I make enough to live as I am now, and I'm not okay with that. I have goals: marriage, kids, etc. So I get a second job and suddenly work nearly 60 hours a week.
Anyway, while the night went by quick, I'm still sore.
Saturday morning was the big move. It only took an hour to get the stuff out and twenty minutes to get it into the new house. Unfortunately, the move caused me to miss the Democratic County convention.
BUT SCOTT MCCOY GOT THROUGH!!! I'm glad he could do it without my partner and I, and I only hope we can help in some way in the future.
Anyway, met a lady my dad's friend keeps trying to set up with him. She was cool. Had a cool accent. I don't think he's ready. Maybe I should remind him.
Then had a barbecue at a friend's house and fell in love with a dog we probably can't have. We have a serious lack of good fencing on our property right now. And me with two jobs and my partner in retail with rotating shifts, it would probably be unfair to bring a dog in. Plus, I don't want the cat freaking out.
Sunday I mowed the lawn for the very first time. My lawn. It was a beautiful experience. Finished cleaning out the apartment and then went to work at Job 2. And I'll be back at it tonight.
But the good news is, Job 2 gave me the discount to get a pair of Ugg's for $6.80. I've wanted them as long as I can remember. It's pretty sweet.

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