Envirocare makes good

Lest anyone forget, Energy Solutions is the same company as Envirocare...just with a new name and a new walk.

Trying to overcome all the bad press and bad choices of the former named company will take more than a spiffy new get-up. But Energy Solutions seems to grasp that a lot better than it's former personality.

Their recent contribution to Utah Lake State Park is very exciting. I have long been exasperated by Utah County's ability to almost completely ignore, and worse, abuse, the amazing resource they have in Utah Lake. Such a large, natural freshwater lake in such a dry western state is something that shouldn't be so overlooked...and should maybe even be capitalized on. Energy Solutions' donation of $103,000 will help renovate one section of space near Utah Lake that actually acknowledges that it's there. Hopefully, it will be only the beginning.

Utah Lake could have a nice waterfront district with shops and restaurants and more beach access. Of course, no one wants to swim in the lake because it's been so polluted by Geneva and other industrial enterprises along it's shores. Perhaps the next big project should be a redevelopment of the land where Geneva stands. A park and trail system that could be extended down the length of the shoreline, maybe a nice Gateway- or Shops at Riverside-style development. Maybe some housing. Something, anything, to make people notice the lake and it's beauty.

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