A Waste of Time

I hope I am not right, but I feel that Soulforce's visit to BYU and other private colleges that discriminate against gays and lesbians is really a waste of time. I guess I cannot really speak for other private universities, but I know, being brought up LDS myself, what a homophobic and stubborn bunch of people the Mormon Church can be.
What bothers me most is the judgement that is passed freely by members of the church. One man who spoke at the rally at Kiwanis park yesterday is a practicing LDS man, who happens to be gay. He is currently attending BYU and is living the honor code. Read: he is a practicing Mormon, not a practicing homosexual. But he is also honest with himself in recognizing that he is gay, and that feels right, but also Mormon, and that feels right. But somehow, he still gets all this judgement from his peers and fellow members. Simply because, according to church rules, he cannot be with someone he may love. And he chooses to fight his urges, which makes him a far stronger person than any of them. Yet they would throw him out from among them. That isn't what the church is about.
So I applaud Soulforce for striking at the heart of discrimination, and hope that they may change some hearts and minds. But I cannot foresee BYU changing it's strict policies for anyone except football players anytime soon.

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