Senator Hatch buries head in sand...again

Senator Hatch, when asked questions by reporters at the Salt Lake Tribune Wednesday about global warming, proceeded to promptly bury his head in the sand.
He then pulled his head back out and remarked that the sand was warmer than he last remembered it being.
Though muffled, reporters thought they heard Hatch say something about the scientific consensus on global warming being "science fiction."
He then went on to say he didn't think the Bush administration would doctor anything to their benefit, such as watering down reports of global warming to make the problem seem less pervasive.
"They've never done that before," he said, burying his head further in the sand when the reporter mentioned the doctored intelligence that got us into Iraq.
Though several scientists have gone on record as saying they had been censored by agencies and administration officials, Hatch spat sand when it was suggested they might be telling the truth while risking their jobs.
"Science fiction," he said.
Senator, please pull your head out of your ass...I mean, the sand, of course.

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